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C-Six Srl

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DescriptionC-Six Srl is a leading Italian company and was born to answer to the increasing demand of the market towards fiber reinforced polymers ( FRP ) for structural strengthening of masonry, reinforced concrete and wood buildings. To produce FRP articles, C-Six srl avails itself of the many years’ experience of Italian artisans and thanks to their professionalism, it is possible to produce high tech and innovative fabrics. The whole production process is carefully checked thanks to a continuous technical assistance and confirmed by a constant research activity in which the company invests many resources. The marketing of the articles is entrusted to a skilled sales office which enables C-Six srl to fulfil any customer requirements. The technical office can answer to the requests of the most demanding customer and provide designers with the necessary support they may need, in to order to avail themselves to use this new technology in their projects. In addition, if needed, C-Six srl can also provide a service of lay down of the FRP which is taken on by highly qualified companies, with many years’ experience, which, thanks to skilled workers, are able to lay the FRP reinforcements in total safety and following the strictest qualitative standards.
Organization Type supplier, Contractor – Construction and civil works, manufacturer
CityPrato, Via A. Borgioli 102 108 Google map
Areas of Activities

sustainable materials engineering

    refurbishment and regeneration

      Offer & Request

      Carbon Fiber Textiles – CFRP

      We produce and offer innovative carbon fiber textiles C-FRP, for restoration and strengthening of stone, reinforced concrete and wood structures. We search for clients interested to use this new technology to regenerating and repair their existing buildings in a fast, efficient and cheap way. We also search for construction companies interested to collaborate with us and to use these innovative materials.