Maciej Gałązka

President od Management Board
Advanced Graphene Products

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Advanced Graphene Products Sp. z o.o. is a nanotechnological endeavour founded in 2012. We are a producer and supplier of the highest quality large-area graphene - HSMG™ - High Strength Metallurgical Graphene™.

Organization Type supplier, manufacturer
Organization Size1-10
CityZielona Góra, Żeromskiego 19/1 Google map
Areas of Activities

sustainable materials engineering

    renewable energy sources and the built environment



        Producer and supplier of the highest quality large-area graphene looking for new possibilities of us

        It is a new type of graphene. Much stronger than CVD graphene, more durable, which can be produced in large quantities in short time. HSMG™ finally allows to use graphene on an industrial scale and is available in a large variety of sizes: from 10x10 mm up to 200x90 mm. HSMG™ is a product which originated from a unique production method that allowed to manufacture graphene on a liquid metal matrix.Due to its properties, HSMG™ is an ideal product for composites, energy storage devices and filtration membranes. Using HSMG™ in composites would be most valuable in polymeric structures and new types of composites due to perfect coverage and durability: Monocrystalline flakes up to 1mm,
        Up to 5 times better results during elongation tests than CVD graphene,
        Single and multilayer sheets of any size up to 300cm2,
        Very high coverage and continuity (min 95%),
        Easily transferable (multiple times) onto various substrates,
        Stability without a substrate,
        Stable negative thermal coefficient of electroconductivity,
        Stable mechanical and physical properties under thermal fatigue conditions.