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Silvercraft Products Ltd.

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DescriptionSilvercraft  Products  Ltd. is a contract manufacturing company working within the fibreglass composite sector. Our products vary to our clients specifications. 
Over these 42 years in business we have acquired experience in both civil related support and also Design aspects within the construction sector. Besides the construction we have built a considerable experience in building Water waste treatment plants and Rivers osmosis plants in fibreglass. making these products more sustainable.  
Our R&D Department is always on the look out to find international manufacturing companies who would want to introduce fibre as an alternative material to their products. Reasons could be resilience to the elements, light weight material, reduced costs and better product performance. 
We look forward to discuss your next concept.
Organization Type manufacturer
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year1974
CityMarsa, MRA 018A marsa indusrtial estate Google map
Areas of Activities

sustainable materials engineering

    refurbishment and regeneration



        To build products that last.

        As a contract manufacturing company working within the fiberglass sector we look forward to meet prospective business who aims to create sustainable products in an efficient and cost effective way.

        Keywords: fibrefiberglasswaste treatmentrivers osmosisversitileelementsenvironmentsustainableresearch and DevelopmentR&DR and DlightcompositeGRPFRPpultrution
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