Adrian Spiteri

Commercial Director

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DescriptionWe are a Malta-based engineering company specializing in providing renewable energy solutions; both photovoltaic and solar thermal/cooling solutions, gas water heating systems and smart building automation for the residential and commercial / industrial premises. We also provide electric vehicles and charging stations. We maintain direct responsibility for supply of product, engineering design, installation, certification, after sales service, cleaning, monitoring and maintenance.
Organization Type supplier, service provider, Contractor –Building Services,
CityGzira, 5/3, Msida Road Google map
Areas of Activities

intelligent buildings

    renewable energy sources and the built environment


      Building Integrated PV

      Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) often presents architects and planners with unnecessarily complex challenges due to a lack of nationwide standards and directives. We have access to unique expertise in the integration of solar modules into facades. We support you in the selection of the optimum solar module for your particular environment. In addition, we are able to take into account the necessary technical and building regulations. Thus, your BIPV project can be a symbiosis of architectural design, functional properties and economic renewable energy conversion without restrictions.

      Basically all areas of the building envelope can be used for BIPV systems. Although solar modules are preferably installed on roof surfaces due to good irradiation values, facade surfaces have enormous potential. Our CIGS thin-film solar modules replace conventional building materials and take over their function.