Bernard Mallia

Chief Executive Officer
Equinox Advisory Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

  • (9:00am - 12:30pm)
  • (1:30pm - 4:30pm)
DescriptionEquinox is a one stop shop for professional advisory services. We bring most of the professional services that businesses and governments might need to outsource under the convenience of one roof. Our intention is to be able to cater for all your needs without requiring you to go to multiple service providers to be able to fulfil all your requirements, thereby saving you time and money on both the procurement and the logistics processes.Our Services, therefore include: Legal, Economic, Corporate and Technology and pivot on the following strengths:
  • Idea generation - Creativity is in our DNA. We generate a huge amount of ideas every year. Unfortunately, our problem is time: We only have the time to develop a tiny fraction of these ideas, so we have to be selective.
  • Organised - We are organised to meet tight deadlines. This does not mean that we are capable of making miracles and of walking on H2O. It merely means that we are able to organise to meet tight but realistic deadlines.
  • Accessible - We are accessible and will make ourselves available during and after normal working hours.
  • Fast - Within the limits of reason and barring force majeure occurrences, we are very fast in answering queries and in getting back with replies to your questions.
Moreover, our experience in the sector of Sustainable Built Environment includes:
- Feasibility Studies for projects of three gated Communities;- The facilitation for financing  for construction projects of commercial and industrial buildings in Europe and Africa;  as well as- Energy audits and green economy recommendations.
Equinox Advisory also specialises in other sectors such as: Energy, Electronic Communications, Environment & Climate Change, Tourism & Tourist Product Development, Oil and Gas, Remote Gaming & Online Casinos, Project Finance & Angel Investment, as well as Education & Training.
Organization Type consultant, university / research institute, business support organisation/association, other
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2008
CityValletta, 36, Archbishop Street Google map
Areas of Activities

sustainable materials engineering

    intelligent buildings

      urban regeneration and spatial planning

        refurbishment and regeneration

          renewable energy sources and the built environment


            Technical Expertise

            Expertise in building energy and water efficiency, company formations and the African construction markets