Matthew Spiteri

Managing Director
Altern Limited

Bilateral Meetings

  • (9:00am - 12:30pm)
DescriptionAltern, together with its partners, brings in experts and employees who have worked extensively on Sustainable products and Alternative Energy projects. Amongst the expertise offered by the Altern Team one can find:
  • Expertise on Decentralization of Energy Production
  • Expertise on Application and Financial Feasibility of Sustainable Solutions
  • Extensive experience on Building Energy Analysis, Energy Auditing and Sustainable Building Materials
  • Experience on Designing, Manufacturing, and Testing of LED lighting systems
  • Expertise on various Photovoltaic Technologies including Design and Implementation of Building Integrated PV
  • Expertise on Sustainable Transportation such as Electric Mobility
  • Expertise on Battery and Energy Storage Technologies
Organization Type supplier, service provider, manufacturer
CityPaola, KW17A, Corradino Industrial Estate, Google map
Areas of Activities

intelligent buildings

    renewable energy sources and the built environment


      Micro CHP

      Small scale micro CHP for domestic sector.